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Mission Statement: “We exist to Educate, Empower, and Encourage Each student Every day!”

Vision Statement: Lincoln Middle School has high expectations for all members of its school community. We strive to develop lifelong learners dedicated to excellence and committed to success. Our students will be college and career ready.

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5 Essential Survey

5 Essentials Survey

The five indicators that positively affect school success are:

1. Effective Leaders

2. Collaborative Teachers

3. Involved Families

4. Supportive Environments

5. Ambitious Instruction

To access the survey, please contact your school and ask school staff how to participate. 

In addition to parent participation, the 5Essentials Survey is taken by all pre-K through 12th-grade teachers and all 4th-12th grade students. It usually requires no more than 30 minutes to complete. The information collected through the survey is rigorously reviewed and analyzed to generate a 5Essentials Report for each school. The 5Essentials Report provides a comprehensive picture of the school environment based on five essential areas critical for school improvement in a meaningful context of similar and successful schools.

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School Bus Tracking App

Parents and students can download the optional mobile app called "Versatrans My Stop" to track the school bus location and projected arrival from your smartphone. The app displays the actual location of the school bus utilizing GPS technology. It updates and adjusts the scheduled arrival time as the bus travels along the route. It also will show if the school bus has already passed the assigned stop.

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